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Complete HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment Training from the longest running and most successful program in the industry.

The fact is, the training available is unmatched by any other program. The program goes back to 2008, nearly a decade before many programs currently offered.

Others charge thousands for what is slide show presentation without an instructor. Then charge another $1,000 for a maximum of 16 hours (once a week for 16 weeks) for an instructor. Beyond that, they provide no insight as to the experience of the instructor in terms of HCC and Risk Adjustment.

Our staff has worked in Risk Adjustment continuously since 2004 when Medicare Risk Adjustment began. Our staff has mentored thousands and are available 7 days a week and 365 days a year to assure success. This is one reason that over 7,000 Professionals have achieved success on their first exam attempt.

We do not rely on “marketing propaganda” as our content and success record is the most meaningful statement that can be made.

An indisputable fact is that no program has any proprietary contribution to the HCC and Risk Adjustment Process.

The content to be mastered is industry standards, regulations, and models. The key for learners is reaching proficiency and mastery. Our program includes every key to achieving this goal while others charge by the piece (and charge significant fees) for elements such as an instructor, practical exposure to charts,  preparatory assessments, and more.

Our Program is all inclusive and learner focused for the development of Professionals.

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We have prepared over 7,000 Professionals for Certification Success. We have worked in Risk Adjustment since it began. The “other” organization was largely unknown then.


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